Chinese-American in China.

I was asked to go to help out with the relatively new Wieden + Kennedy office in Shanghai, China. I am slated to stay for approximately one month. I think it'll be a great experience and I'll have a chance to play "The Dumb American". It's rare to have company foot the bill, but I'm sure I'll pay for it in blood, sweat and tears. I've heard stories of working a few hours overtime.

My wife, Jodie helped me pack light and we did it in a week in advance. Yet I ended up undoing all the luggage. I think I just wanted to go over everything myself. Sort of like a person doing a sky dive. I've never been sky diving before, but that's what I heard skydivers do. I guess the only thing that I have in common with those people is going up on a plane.

I didn't really get excited till I was going to the airport for my departing flight. Actually, "excited" wouldn't be the word that I would use. I think it was more like, "nervous". I got really sad as I was getting dropped off. It came over me like a huge wave.

When I was walking into PDX the automated paging intercom was informing passengers of an orange terror alert. Outstanding.

On top of that after finishing going through the security line, I realized I forgot my trusty Nikon FG. I brought a digital one, but there's something to be said about the familiarity of cold steel. The feel of light plastic doesn't cut it sometimes. You know what I mean?
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