More stuff going on here in Shanghai. More of the same ol' junk. Literally, junk. It's funny to see people doing construction in the dark. It's rare to see any worklamps or anything like that. Some of the pictures above are family dwellings. It's a metal shed with a bed and dresser. That's all that person has. There are quite a few of these around the office.

Lots of little markets selling foodstuffs. Very pretty at night.

Every where you go there are phone numbers stenciled to the walls for diploma mills. You call the number and you get an instant diploma. Need a raise or promotion? Give a call to these numbers and you'll get credentials from the "Shanghai Institute of Science" or whatever bogus school. There are tons of these numbers. Stenciled, written, or pasted up on trees, walls, and floors.

The Chinese love to advertise.
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