Late Night Taxi Rides.

Like every big city taxis are the way to travel. But, you have to be very, very flexible. Sometimes a taxi will not take your destination. The cab driver will just drop you off, just because it will be "inconvenient" for him to drive you to your endpoint. Or he's stuck on a one way and won't want to drive around the block. Therefore, you might have to walk an extra block or cross a busy 4 lane street to get where you need to go. That's definitely a low point.

Another thing is that the cabbies may not know the roads or where your final destination is, so he will make you get out of the cab. It's easier for them to pick up another fare then to be burdened with you. So if you have been standing for 5 minutes and literally elbow your way to get a cab, that doesn't mean you'll actually get to your spot. Sometimes you have to convince your cabbie that it's a good idea to take you.

Another co-worker has said, "Just roll with it." And so we do.
Peter YueComment