The Old Workhorse is Here!

My wife sent me my Nikon FG by USPS. It took over a week and it got stuck in customs. The concierge told me that I could just pick it up at the post office down the street. I guess my idea of "down the street" and his idea of "down the street" was a little different. I had to take a cab and go 9 kilometers round trip to pick it up. It was my fault for not bringing, but it's great to have it around to take a few snapshots with.

I took my package back to the office. After opening it up, Mister Mao - the flea bitten feral beast of a cat - decided it was time to take a little 3 hour snooze in the box. Mao in the anglo pronounciation of the Cantonese word for "cat". I thought it quite clever for me to come up with this name. Get it, Chairman Mao. Mao, the cat. I'm in China. Uh... nevermind.
Peter YueComment