The World of Purgatory located at Qipu Lu.

Imagine five or six stories full of stores/stalls of cheap clothes and knockoffs. And then multiply that by five. Yes, 5 buildings full of fake Nikes, Diesel and the like. Lots of cheap quality no-name clothes. You have to haggle in order to get the best price. It's part of the culture and it's all in good nature most of the time. There are a lot of hustlers, so if you look like a tourist you will be approached. Most take the hint when you don't want a personal shopper, but I've had a few people follow so closely I have stumbled on their feet. It's frustrating and annoying. But, you got to deal.

Angel, a studio manager from the Shanghai office took Qiao and me to this place. Once we we got dropped off by the taxi, we were mobbed by 3-4 people seeing if we needed fake watches and bags. They followed us for about 20 minutes repeating the same stuff over and over again. "Watchee, watchee... Bao, Bao..."

And then we went into the complex. Just imagine cramming Labor Day Sale and the day after Thanksgiving Sale participants of your local mall into one building. Granted, it is a national holiday weekend in China. To sum it up, lots of pushing, lots of shoving, garlic breath, spitting, logger blows, money exchanges, second hand smoke, hustlers around every corner and fake branded goods. Will try to be back, though.
Peter YueComment