You Talking to Me? You Talking to Me?

I had posted that getting a taxi could be dangerous. A fight broke out between a traffic assistant and a cab driver. They got into an argument and the cabbie came out of his cab (while his passenger remained inside). The traffic assistant started swinging and a whole crowd surrounded the scene. The funny thing was that people still tried to cross traffic as they were punching each other out.

This is a normal day on the streets. The worst thing that I saw was a fight between families for a cab. This happened during the National Holiday that coincided with the Moon Festival a few weeks back. A young mother was punching and kicking 2 cops while holding her baby in her arms. It was the worst case of a baby's head whipping back and forth I've ever scene. It was almost like watching a baby being shaken.

I struggled taking photos of that scene because I felt terrible just observing. So I didn't. I regretted it. Am I a bad person?

The taxi cabbie and traffic assistant was a little easier to rationalize away. There weren't any babies involved. Unless you count the traffic assistant crying after he got his butt kicked. Robert Dinero style.
Peter YueComment