Fourth Annual Aaron Lee Birthday Party

Another year down and my friend Aaron Lee rents the Portland Spirit and invites 800 of his best friends for his birthday party. The man of the hour was dressed in a classy red silk robe, striped swimwear, captain's hat, delightful aviators and was garnished with a delicate gold chain. About 350 people came to set sail on the Willamette.

This year's attire for the guests and crew. Snobby yachters. Men looked great in their polo knit shirts with the popped collars and the women in large sun brimmed hats. It was like Martha's vineyard with a dash of PBR.

Other party revellers showing their affiliations. But the most common affiliation was to tomfoolery.

Three DJ's played the party for hours. One on the lower deck and one on the upper deck.

Delightful night lights on the river.

A view of the packed upper deck.

Here we see a sampling of the carousing carnage left afterwards.