100 Show

The W+K Gallery will be hosting the 100 Show. I was able to submit a piece into it (see below). It's a global showcase of art and illustration from artists around the globe. Wieden+Kennedy received over 800+ submissions from artists all over the world. Glad to be a part of it.

The only parameters for the show is that the piece needs to be roughly 10" x 10".  The art is sold for $100 each.  Fifty dollars going back to the artist and $50 going to MercyCorps.

The opening party for the show will run this Thursday from 6pm-10pm.

Come by and buy something to pretty up your wall or shelf. You'll be doing good for all.

Wieden Kennedy
224 NW 13th
Portland, OR 97209

If you can't come, check them out here.