I helped Fake Artist Jim Riswold make some philosophy art

Jim was nice enough to invite me to make some art with him. Which was cool. If you guys don't know Jim Riswold you might know some of his work. Bo Knows, Michael Jordan and Mars Blackmon. I Am Tiger Woods. Anyway he's sort of retired from the ad game and now doing some other stuff like his "fake art".

I helped him with an kooky illustration of a French existentialist philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre. He gave me some simple guidelines. I did a little research and did my thing. It's nice having a fake artist trust you once in a while. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy instead of my regular state of feeling cold and prickly.

Anyway, I always liked philosophy and it was a really good to survey a lot of different ways of thinking in school. Therefore, this exhibit seemed pretty interesting to me. I looked at some of the art that surrounded the rug. Funny stuff. It helps that he spells it out for those who flunked Ethics 201 in college. It seems like Riswold always likes to say it straight but throw in a side-winder. Must have been from his years working as a writer in advertising.

He called this "the seizure wall" and after viewing it in real life. It did mess up my vision a bit. I wasn't carried out in a stretcher though.

Above is the man, the myth and the legend, himself. The guy has philosopher dolls and a philosopher's reading library conveniently under the stairs. That spells success, my friends.

Anyway he has a show right now in the gallery space at Wieden+Kennedy. Swing by, check it out and buy a few rugs. You might get schooled on some philosophy too.