Grow Something in the Garden of Your Mind

I remember watching Mr. Rogers for years and it was good to watch this little remix. I've read stories of  how he was pretty much the same when the camera wasn't on. Kind, warm, curious, peaceful and neighborly.

A friend of mine from another country watched a few minutes of an old airing of one of his shows and didn't get why the pacing was slow and his speech was so methodical. But for me it seemed like he was just talking to the viewer one-on-one. It seemed that he knew the world has changed in every way but the needs of little kids were always the same. Whether it was to encourage curiosity or to deal with one's hurt feelings 

Mr. Rogers gave little kids the tools to figure it out. 

So when all the little kids who grew up on "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and landed their jobs at PBS it was only a matter of time when the "Garden of Your Mind" would appear. Even the remix is mellow compared to present day music.