The Archive

Paul Mawhinney has over a million albums in his the archive and 1.5 million singles. His story shows that his passion for collecting ends up being a gift to a younger generation.

In this film there are some great shots and it creates a nice, little visual portrait. It's simple and nice. But what is more intriguing is the story of a life's work that is shelved.

On Wikipedia I found out that Mawhinney's collection was more than twice the size of the collection at the Library of Congress. When the store closed his collection was valued at $50 million in 2008. But because of his failing health he has decided to try and sell his collection. It seems like every opportunity to sell or preserve it has not worked out.

Perhaps a company who profits from cataloging, indexing, and preserving our social information can use their real (or virtual) storage facilities and tools to save this record collection? This is already done to help sell advertising everywhere we look. The question has to be asked why can't somebody do this to save it for our posterity?