Saul Bass' Why Man Creates

Why Man Creates was a 1968 animated short documentary film pondering the nature of creativity. It was written by Saul Bass and Mayo Simon, and directed by Saul Bass. The movie won an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject.

For those who don't know Saul Bass he was a designer who created many iconic movie titles such as: The Man with the Golden ArmPsycho and North By Northwest

Why Man Creates focuses on the different approaches of the creative process. It is divided into eight sections: The Edifice, Fooling Around, The Process, Judgment, A Parable, Digression, The Search, and The Mark. If the viewer can look past some of the dated treatments you can see the underlying message.

My favorite section from the film, A Parable is shown above. If you have time watch the entire film (part 1 here and part 2 here).