OSU Beavers Rebrand

Just saw the Oregon State Beavers sports re-brand. It ranks up there with my favorite look from the 70s and 80s. It doesn't look dated as the previous 1990s incarnation right out of the gate. Modern, understated with a hint of nostalgia. It feels tough and polished. Like a new freight train or a tractor trailer truck.

Sounds like it took two years in the making.  I'm thinking Nike had to partake in many committees meetings to come up with this system.  And I'm surprised that it was nicer than I thought it would be.

As an alum of the school I would be happy to have the new logo on a lot of sports related paraphernalia. Yet I'm sentimental of the old Benny from the 70s. It seems like a good evolution and still on brand for the college.

Originally, Oregon State was an agricultural college and should have the rough and tumble look. They supposedly hold research and schooling in relatively high regard.  Dare I say the look should a bit bookish and old-school (which is a good thing)? But we know that sports helps bring in money and students to campus. So it is great to see some effort placed on a proper re-brand.

The overhaul of all the sport uniforms helps.  Everybody looks great. Nike did a good job but I was hoping for more clothing technology to be used. I was even surprised to see a track uniform.  Seems like track is back at Oregon State. When I went to school back in the day it was cut.

And the tartan pattern? Not sure about the back story on that, but I guess it was something a little different. I guess Nike felt like they wanted Oregon State to own it.

Here's what Nike had to say about some important bits:

The new Beaver logo features clean, contemporary lines and a modern, confident and timeless graphic structure. The logo accurately reflects the essence of Oregon State Athletics – Heritage, Strength, Victory, United, Innovation, Tenacity, Dedication and Integrity. Through these brand identity updates, Oregon State creates separation and distinction in the marketplace while respecting the past and representing the future...

...A custom tartan print has been designed to represent the Oregon State Beavers and enrich the overall identity package. The notches in the thick lines reference how beavers use their sharp front teeth to cut down trees, and the white pinstripes are composed of the Oregon State and Beavers wordmarks. The tartan is reserved for limited use only.

The Nike press release didn't really give specifics, but I would like to see some more concepts put forth to support the tartan print. Perhaps to see the Scottish connection more? Benny the Beaver is a Scot?  The first Dean?  I dunno.

Overall, it is an upgrade from years past to move it into the present. Now I hope that the Beavs win.  Because wins make any logo look better.